Lorissa Toweel


Locket Pendant Necklace - Collection

The VOID Series focuses on human memory, its fragility and fleeting nature. Human experience exposes the spirit to life’s many treasures and its traumas. As we amble through life we gather and store these memories in the recesses of the mind. It is around these significant memories that we build our identity and sense of self. We retell ourselves the stories, again and again, in the hopes that we might forge into reality that which lives only within ourselves.

In a desperate effort to protect our fragile memories, we seek tangible avenues to store and backup this data. Photos, music, locations, memorials all serve as mnemonic aids – prompting us to remember; warning us not to forget. In many ways, we long to carry the wound of times that have come and gone.

VOID functions as a container, a storage device. It holds the data of the events that shape us. Not only does it contain the memory, but also frames the VOID cast by the inaccessibility of the past.

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